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Pollution Control Equipment
Centrifugal Fan & blower
Low & Medium Pressure Blower Fan
Double Inlet Double Width (DIDW) low & Medium pressure Blower fan
High Pressure Blower Fan
Cabinet Blower Fan
PP / FRP Blower Fan
Axial Flow Fan
Tube Axial Flow Fan
Direct Driven / Belt Driven Axial Fans
Bifurcated Fans

Inline Fan (Centrifugal DuctFans)

Portable Ventilation Axial & Centrifugal Fans
Dust Extractor Unit / Portable Fume Extractor Unit
Dust Collector Unit
Motor Cooling Fan
Air Curtain

Centrifugal Blower

R. K. Engg. has been operating for more than 30 years in the pollution control sector. We have always planned, produced and sold axial and centrifugal industrial fans blowers, Dust Collector, Air Curtain, Portable ventilation axial / centrifugal fans ventilators, fume / dust/ smoke extraction systems, ventilation systems.

We have superior quality Centrifugal Blower is easy to avail. We emphasis on the excellence in manufacturing process which ensure reliability, durably and high in performance of  Centrifugal Blower. The sale of our products, both in the Indian and International market, is carry out by our highly qualified and professional Representative that are able to assist our customers in any situation

Centrifugal Blowers
The customer assistance involve both the planning and production phase and the pre and post selling phase granting rapid answers to our customers needs and concrete benefits. In conclusion R.K.Engg. is a partner for its own customers and not a simple supplier.


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