Electrical Installations and Ventilation Systems

As the owner of an industry, you should be well aware of the different instruments used to manufacture your products. This is apart from the raw materials required for manufacturing the goods. While certain machinery equipments depend on manual operation, the majority of them require electricity to run. Modern generation industrial comprise of sophisticated and sensitive electronic equipment that perform their job perfectly as long as they receive the proper voltage and wattage. However, a surge in the power supply (this can be a sudden increase or decrease in voltage) can damage those delicate electronic circuits. This is why you should include a surge protection gadget between the power supply and the electronic gadgets. This machine prevents power spikes from damaging the electronic tools.

More information on surge protection

My factory receives a stable power supply 

You might argue that your factory receives a stable power supply. However, power surges occur whenever you switch on a heavy duty instrument such as a lathe machine or a spot welding unit. They draw a lot of power when you switch them on, and this leads to a drop in the voltage for a part of a second. However, this disturbance in the power supply is sufficient to damage other sensitive gadgets working on the same power supply. This can also occur if any industry in the locality has heavy duty machines and is connected to the same power supply. You can use a circuit breaker to trip and shut down the power supply before the surge can do any damage. However, this will result in loss of time, especially if the equipment requires a lot of time to initialise after switching it on. You can think of surge protection equipment as voltage stabilisers. However, they are much more accurate and their response time is in micro seconds.

How does the device work?

The surge protection equipment works by limiting the voltage supplied to the device it is connected to by either shorting to ground or blocking any unwanted voltage over and above a safe threshold.

How to choose a good protector

Searching online will provide you with details about many companies that specialise in manufacturing surge devices. You should only purchase the device from a reputable and trustworthy company. Once you have contacted a manufacturer, they will send their technicians to your factory to inspect the equipments you are using to determine the total load, and recommend a suitable surge protection device that can handle the calculated load.